Miriam Jang M.D.

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Dr. Miriam Jang has had many years of experience in researching and practicing the different biomedical protocols involved in the treatment of Autism. Many of these protocols have helped Autistic individuals improve and progress greatly. Some Autistic individuals improve to the extent that the diagnosis of Autism no longer applies. Some improve less dramatically. The results of treatments such as mercury detoxification and Metallothionein Promotion, for instance, is nothing short of miraculous! As we know, different treatments work on different Autistic individuals. There are no promises, but if we don't try, we'll never know!

Dr. Jang's C.V. includes the following:

  1. Graduated in Honors Biochemistry before Medical School
  2. Ranked in the top 95 percentile in the National Medical Licensing Exam; this is an exam written after completing Medical School
  3. Practiced 15 years as a Family Doctor and an Emergency Doctor before her son was diagnosed with Autism. From that time onwards, she devoted herself entirely over to the treatment of Autism
  4. Author of "Breakthroughs In Autism", a synopsis of the Defeat Autism Now! protocol.
  5. Speaker, along with Dr. Amy Holmes and Dr. Jeff Bradstreet as part of the Defeat Autism Now! Doctor Panel, at the National Autism of America Convention in San Diego, July 2001 (A video of Dr. Jang speaking at this convention can be accessed by logging onto wwwautism.com/ari, under the sub- heading of: Autism Society of America, San Diego, July 2001.)
  6. Speaker, along with Dr. Bernie Rimland at the Stanford Chapter of the Autism Society of America on "Breakthroughs in Autism" in April 2002.
  7. Speaker on "The Use of Pharmaceutical Agents in Autism" in Montreal,Canada in April 2003.
  8. Currently working on the development of a DVD, in conjunction with Dr. Bernie Rimland and ARI, on the most important aspects of testing and treatment of the Defeat Autism Now! Protocol. This DVD will be translated and distributed to parents and doctors of the world, to help Autistic Children all over the world!

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