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{1} What causes Autism?

The Defeat Autism Now! Doctors believe that first of all, there is a genetic component that makes the Autistic individual unable to de-toxify heavy metals and chemical toxins. This then leads to a whole biochemical cascade of events as Mercury accumulates.

{2} What is the single most important treatment for Autism?

The most important thing you can do for your Autistic child is to put him or her on a casein and gluten free diet ASAP. How fast we can reverse some of the symptoms of Autism depends on how soon and how clean you do this diet!

{3} Lab work is so expensive, what are the most important tests?

Among the most important tests are the tests for heavy metal toxicity, for food allergies. If the food allergies do not show allergies to casein or gluten, your child still needs to avoid casein and gluten because they still act as toxins to your Autistic child’s brain. You can almost assume that there is a yeast overgrowth. Still, you might want to test the anti-bodies to Candida so that you know how well your anti-fungals and probiotics are working when you re-test. You must always do a Chem. Panel and Liver Function Test as a baseline. The thyroid is often involved.

{4} What is the role of ABA?

ABA is still very important in terms of stimulating the brain to form those synaptic connections. However, you still have to correct the biochemical imbalances in order to retain the gains made in ABA.

{5} What is the role of O.T.?

O.T. is very important in correcting the various sensory problems (sensory integration) and in developing their fine and gross motors skills. What is surprising though, is that these problems also are greatly improved when the biochemical problems are corrected.

{6} What is the role of Auditory Integration?

Dr. Bernie Rimland, along with Steve Edelson did an excellent study on this recently, please refer to the ARI website.

{7} What about Acupuncture?

If you have a good acupuncturist, he or she might be able to help your child focus more and be calmer, but most Autistic kids are difficult to administer needles to.

{8} What is the role of Homeopathic Medicine in Autism?

Very few parents have made claims that Homeopathic Medicine helped in this case. We would be interested in hearing from you if you have good results. We only tried one Homeopathic Doctor who was supposed to be good, but were not able to get Marky to take the Homeopathic Medicine under his tongue without touching the medicine with our hands etc.

{9} What is the role of Augmentative Communication?

We think that this can help a lot! The question is when to employ it? Some experts believe that as long as there is a chance for verbal speech, this should be delayed as it can be used as a crutch and hinder progress. Others have found the opposite, that it decreases the frustration level and help speech develop. We would love to have your personal input on this.

{10} Do you chelate if the levels of mercury or lead are relatively low?

For Autistic individuals, we find that even low levels of heavy metals cause big problems. Proportionally, the same amounts of toxic metals cause more problems for Autistic individual than a non-Autistic. Also, there is the problem of synergy: the different toxic metals seem to have an additive effect on each other

{11} What should I do about my younger child's vaccines?

It is better to err on the side of caution and give the mumps shot by itself, followed by the measles shot by itself, one month later, followed by the rubella shot by itself, one month after that.

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